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PDO Threads

PDO threads are thinner than hair and made of protein. PDO threads are special medical grade threads that relax tendons and muscles. They also improve blood flow to the area being treated. Blood flow stimulates the production of new collagen in the skin. PDO threads have been used in orthopedic and cardiovascular surgery for years and have proven effective and safe. In 2004, PDO’s use was FDA approved for minimally invasive procedures like soft tissue approximation.

PDO thread skin lifting involves using very thin threads or sutures to firm skin lax and wrinkled skin. The threads are inserted into the body or face with extremely fine and thin needles. The threads tighten and pull the skin and provide a support network of threads holding the skin in place. This tightening and lifting process fights gravity, and the results include an instant facelift. Over time you will also see the following results:

  • Skin tightening and lifting,
  • Contoured and sculpted body,
  • Cellular rejuvenation,
  • Collagen production,
  • A slimming effect as the fat cells contract.

About twelve months after the threads are inserted, they break down through hydrolysis or a natural body process. The results of PDO threads continue for many months after they dissolve due to cellular changes.

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